All the activities here are easy to follow for my kid. He also loves the colorful pictures of the fishes.

David's  Dad

My child feels that he’s the real character. He enjoys all the activities a lot.

Khely's  Dad

Distinguishing different colors and matching with images is easy for my child now. She can comprehend the usual colors and image associations.

Hilary's  Mom

My child can now recite the entire alphabet and at the same time write without a mistake! Very good!

Justine's  Mom

Samantha loves all the figures and colors in this book. She’s very motivated to learn.

Samantha's  Aunt

Highly recommended for preschoolers!

Rhaine's  Dad

I love how the book progresses from simple to complex.

Fria's  Mom

My daughter won’t stop reciting the planets. She’s doing a great job in learning.

Abigail's  Dad

I will never regret buying this material for my nephew. I can see a lot of improvement in his grades.

Samson's  Uncle

My daughter keeps on bugging me to buy her more of these books. Teaching her how to write is hassle-free.

Isabella's  Mom

Even at night, I can see my son practicing his counting skills. He recites the numbers with our dog. Good job!

Brent's  Dad

He brings this material everywhere he goes. We went on a vacation, and he still brought it with him.

Manuel's  Mom

This is way better than letting my kid play through a tablet. Now, she’s fond of writing letters than playing games online.

Nimfa's  Mom

As a single parent, I want the best of the bests for my child. By buying this, I know I am heading towards my goal.

Mia's  Mom

My child’s passion for reading had grown so much since she started reading this activity book

Faith's  Mom

Is there any way that I can order a bulk of this? I tried it for my son, and it was effective. I want to order for more because I will give it to his friends for his upcoming 7th birthday.

Curt's  Mom

Honestly, my daughter, Sophia won’t sleep without visiting this book. She keeps reciting the letters and number until she sleeps.

Sophia's  Mom

Cheap yet high-quality! The money is worth it.

Hannah's  Granny

My son’s time in watching television had decreased since he started answering this activity book

Joshua's  Mom

When will you release the next batch of books? Can’t wait to buy more new activity books!

Ashley's  Aunt

Please notify me through email if the new set is already out. Can’t wait for the new set.

Lovely's  Aunt

The quality of the book is amazing! High-quality printing paired with perfectly crafted content

Giovanni's  Grandpa

All the activities are suited for the indicated age range. Thank you very much!

Ladylyn's  Aunt

This is one of the best learning resources I have ever bought for my son. Kudos!

Harold's  Dad

My son had difficulty writing properly though he attended kindergarten. With the help of this activity book, he’s now improving. Thank you!

Peter's  Mom

I got this as a birthday gift for my niece. Now she’s asking again for something like this for Christmas.

Amelia's  Uncle

The Dino Park Expedition activity book us superb! Niccolo loves it!

Niccolo's  Uncle

This book makes my life easier as a kindergarten teacher. My students are very engaged in using this.


This was recommended to me by a fellow parent. I must say that this book is really effective in making my child learn skills.

Phia's  Mom

She’s more advanced compared to her classmates because of this activity book. While others are still struggling to write, she can already write all the letters properly.

Ava's  Mom

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